Welcome to the 1st Annual Saudi EEG Symposium in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


As you know, EEG is one of the fundamental diagnostic tests in the practice of a neurologist. It is essential to understand the cellular basis of EEG, cortical generators of EEG voltage fields, engineering principles, and recording techniques. It is also important to familiarize with the evolution of EEG from a neonate to adult. Mastering how to interpret normal pediatric and adult EEG sets the groundwork to build upon interpreting abnormal EEG findings relating to encephalopathies, epilepsy syndromes, focal abnormalities, continuous EEG monitoring in the ICU and finally invasive EEG monitoring for potential surgical candidates.


In order to increase awareness, learn how to read and interpret EEG correctly, and ultimately provide the best care for our epilepsy patients, we embarked upon this journey to organize the 1st Annual Saudi EEG Symposium. We have invited expert electroencephalographers to teach this course. We will provide fifty scholarships to residents and fellows from all around the country to attend the symposium. We believe that this symposium will be beneficial to all neurologists, epileptologists, clinical neurophysiologists, residents, fellows, and technicians.


On behalf of the organizing committee, I invite you all to this symposium. 

Ali Mir, MD


1st Annual Saudi EEG Symposium.

ASES 2020



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